Kairos of Texas  Points to Ponder

The Thinker statue It is not clear where the term “points to ponder” came from, but I remember it from several years ago.
It was suggested that the term originated in Reader’s Digest.

There is so much information to pass on that I have divided them into categories.
This one is about TRAINING. In the next few weeks, I will send other “Points to Ponder” about Advisory Councils and Financial subjects.

To those receiving these PTP’s, please distribute them to your local communities.
Hopefully, the AC’s Communications Coordinator will be able to send them to their current email distribution list.

So please find the “point to ponder”  links below and I hope you will find them useful to your Kairos efforts.

-Steve Newton

Points to Ponder - TRAINING - Feb 2017

Points to Ponder - AD COUNCIL 1- Feb2017

Points to Ponder - AD COUNCIL 2- Feb2017

Points to Ponder-FINANCIAL-Feb2017