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This web page is solely devoted to providing practical information and tangible materials related to the ongoing organization task of locating, recruiting and training new volunteer associates. Success in this area is essential to ensuring that the Kairos Prison Ministry will continue to be a growing, improving and vital portion of God's kingdom. Such organizational health is the responsibility of every volunteer in every Texas unit to serve this urgent and important goal. If we will each one commit to adding a faithful portion into this group effort then whatever value we create today will serve others tomorrow!

  Chair: Dickson de la Haye     Co-Chair: Rex Morris 

Recruiting-Outreach Subcommittee Members
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Attention:   ROCKs (Recruiting-Outreach Coordinators of Kairos) THOU SHALT START HERE! 

Below you'll find links for The Kairos ROCK newsletters archive and several other helpful items designed to help you stay on track in your Kairos recruiting. So grab somethng from the pile today, but do plan to come back because it will be growing as we go!

Recruiting-Outreach Workshop Here! 

Videos - YouTube
Video commentary on the Workshop slides.
Checklist and Worksheet.
Structured Approach to Recruiting

May 09, 2018
April 11, 2018       
March 14, 2018
February 14, 2018
January 10, 2018 (Inaugural Issue!)

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This KOT tool can be extremely helpful for individual units to keep track of their progress and compliance with Kairos guidelines. The key here is for the users to personalize and adapt it to their own specific community assets and needs. After that - like any powerful tool - it requires diligent usage and regular maintenance to bring out its full potential. Since it is an Excel file, you will need to download it to your computer prior to usage ROCK Checklist 

The ROCK Worksheet is the same format as the ROCK Checklist  the guidance and links have been removed to make room for  inputs of the "What, Who, By When" columns.  
Also available in PDF formats Checklist and Worksheet  

What? No, of course we're not trying to make this more difficult. Really, quite the opposite! And to prove that point - here are all the links on the ROCK Checklist Excel file for your easy and individual link referencing. Enjoy!

Kairos Outreach2 - Presentation Guide                         Volunteer Recruiting Best Practices
MYKairos - Downloads - Recruiting                             Kairos Style Guide
Kairos Speakers Bureau Checklist                                 Produce a Kairos Story Board
Suggested Elevator Speeches                                         Clergy Recruitment - Where to Look
Structured Approach for Outreach-Recruitment            TDCJ Considerations for Ex-offenders


Links from this Kairos Of Texas recruiting oasis section will soon - Lord willing! - be filled with a collection of practical offerings straight from hardworking volunteers like you who are currently in the recruiting process. We foresee great ideas, worth trying ideas, and perhaps even some "avoid this idea" ideas! There's room to grow here!  
PS. Your idea doesn't need to be "website ready"-that's our job! Just send what you have, we'll take it from there. Thanks!


A Recruiting Idea
Team Postcard Idea
Website Volunteer Referral Idea
A Great Fundraising Idea
Example Solicitation Letter
Clergy Recruiting Letter doc pdf

Top Ten
pdf version   html slides version

MyKairos is maintained by KPMI and contains a wealth of information and resource materials. The following links point you to site locations or documents that you may find particularly helpful.

Kairos Presentation Guide  This document provides guidance on making a Kairos presentation.

Interest Card   Whenever making a presentation, be sure to distribute and collect Interest Cards for follow up!

Fundraising/Donations Some additional thoughts and ideas on fundraising.

Recruiting Several practical downloads on the general subject of volunteer recruitment.

Videos Library A wide selection of links and downloads from the video collection for recruiting meetings and new volunteer training and motivation.

Ordering Materials How to order available items from KPMI

Style Guide for Websites This guide sets out rules and regs for a unit website. It can also serve as a list of areas where volunteer recruiting can be actively supported through your unit's online site.

Anatomy Of A Volunteer  KPMI Recruiting Blog.

For a professional touch to group presentations, you can order pull-up BANNERS from KPMI. Download a supply order form in printable pdf format and a fillable Word file.recruiting brochure #1

recruiting brochure #2



Before you exit this web page, please take just a brief moment and share any recruiting idea(s) that have worked for you, a helpful comment, a question you have, or just a quick greeting of encouragement! Don't be shy and don't be a stranger - after all, we're in this together.


Thanks in advance!

In this together!