Amarillo Torch

 "Changing Hearts, Transforming Lives,
                                   Impacting the World"                             

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 •Attend a weekend closing

•To Pray

•Contribute to Agape (placemats, posters)

•Be a Mentor

•Request a Speaker.



All online donations go through our Kairos State website. You can designate either "Kairos Torch" or designate
'Torch Giddings' for your donation.
(Please be sure to add “Torch" before the community name).

To Make an Online Donation to Kairos Torch:  CLICK HERE!

And thank you so very much for your help in this important ministry!

Amarillo Advisory Council 

Position Name Email
Chairperson Steve Fike
Vice Chairperson Toby Torres III
Secretary Marion Fike
Donor Coordinator/
Financial Secretary
Dean Cooke
Treasurer Christina Browder
Institutional Liasion/
Facilities Coordinator
Joe St. Romain
Outreach/Recruiting Coordinator TBA
Fundraising/Sponsor Coordinator TBA
Agape Coordinator Michelle Whitaker
Clergy/Spiritual Leader  Bubba Wilhite
Continuing Ministry Coordinator/
 Data Coordinator TBA
Communicaations Coordinator TBA  

The Next Amarillo Torch weekend leaders will be Steve and Marion Fike.  

The weekend dates will be announced soon.


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