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Kairos Torch is a positive, interactive, and thought-provoking program for young offenders 25 years of age and younger.   By developing reasoning and holistic life skills, and engaging in the Torch mentoring program, participants are better able to see balance in their lives.  Kairos Torch encourages these youth to realize their God-given potential through the creation of a safe environment allowing them to learn what life can be like in a loving, caring, and trusting community.

While Kairos Torch may be the youngest and least well-known of the three programs of Kairos Prison Ministry International, like Kairos Inside and Kairos Outside we are advocates of Jesus Christ and the return of outcasts to society. Torch, like Kairos Inside and Kairos Outside is an international ministry program active in two foreign countries and 16 states here in the United States and with a total of 26 individual communities.

Here's where you can learn more in general about Kairos Prison Ministries or more specifically, Kairos Torch.

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Torch is a faith-grounded, evidence-based behavior modification ministry program.  It is designed for use in secured facilities allowing for presentation in the presence of minimal competing entities such as gang activities, video games and other such distractions for the youth to choose from while incarcerated.  The Torch program encourages youthful offenders to realize their potential by creating a safe environment that allows them to learn what life in a loving caring and trusting community can be like.

The operational foundation of this holistic program is weekly one-on-one mentoring with formal and structured mentoring guides with 62 weekly sessions.  There are guides for boys and for girls that, where applicable, address gender-specific concerns.  The guides are flexible and can be adjusted to address specific needs of the individual child as determined with the assistance of the facility counselors.

For statewide and /or general information, please contact Dickson de la Haye.
For specific information pertaining to a Torch community, please contact the Advisory Council Chairs directly     

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Kairos Torch Community Specific Information

To sign up to volunteer, attend a weekend closing, Pray, contribute to Agape, be a mentor, or simply request a speaker. Here's how you can do it - Go to the Specific Torch Community Webpage!

You will also find community-specific information such as Weekend Dates, Mentoring Times, and specific facility requirements and documents.


Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)

A listing of commonly asked questions and answers is available.

Kairos Torch Communities


Texas State Torch
Sub-Chapter Chair-Dickson de la Haye
Amarillo Torch - Website
AC Chair – Tim Whitaker
Giddings Torch - Website
AC Chair - Ray Sims
Katy Torch - Website
AC Chair  Tracy Moragas


Additional Links

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Care to make an online donation today?
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All online donations go through our Kairos state website. You can designate either "Kairos Torch" or select an individual Kairos Torch community for your donation.
(Please be sure to add “Torch" before the community name).

To Make an Online Donation to Kairos Torch:  CLICK HERE!

And thank you so very much for your help in this important ministry!



Kairos Prison Ministry (KPMI) - Torch Downloads
There is a wealth of Kairos Torch information provided by KPMI that all Torch communities will require and benefit from.  This includes key documents, along with suggested Torch Activities, many Training Tools, and several promotional videos.


Kairos Prison Ministry (KOT) - Torch Downloads
Kairos Torch in Texas has compiled a list of practical offerings straight from hardworking volunteers like you.  We foresee great ideas, worth trying ideas, and perhaps even some "avoid this idea" ideas!  There's room to grow here!

P.S. Your idea doesn't need to be "website ready" that's our job!  Just send what you have, we'll take it from there.  Thanks!

Prayer Chain Form  Template can be used to generate a prayer chain.

Meal Ticket Form    This has proven to be an effective way to fundraise for a weekend.

Placemat Forms     Coloring placemats is a wonderful way for a community to show support for the youth on the weekend. 


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